And The Work Begins...

As summer winds down, construction begins and Angry Horse Brewery is officially breaking ground.

We are very excited to announce that after months of planning, meeting with contractors and working with the city of Montebello, we are finally beginning construction. Our contractors will be in the building, setting our foundation, so we can begin producing our beer in our new home. It's going to be a hefty couple of months though. We have to add a second restroom, upgrade the electrical, add drainage, add plumbing, install a brewhouse, walk-in and bar... Our first step is adding drainage and plumbing. We have to run floor drains; one for the bar, one for the brewhouse and two for the sinks. We're running drainage to our newly installed restroom too. We're also planning on adding a long trench drain. This is going to help us to make sure that our brewhouse is clean after each batch.   Next, where there are drains, there can be water! We will be running water to the bar, brewhouse, restroom and sinks. We are running two lines to most areas. One for filtered, conditioned water and the other for washing water. We will also need to run hot water. Then, it's onto the electrical.  We need to upgrade the power in the building and re-run all of the internal power lines. This is going to be important as we grow.   In aspiring to be as sustainable as possible, we plan to install solar panels and a large solar water heater. While the solar panels won't be enough to power the entire brewhouse, they will contribute quite a bit. But the solar water heater is going to be huge. This should be able to provide much of the hot water we need for the brewery and taproom! So wish us luck and stay tuned .. more updates and photos to come!


About Us

 Devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to

creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.  

- Mitch Albom

Artisan crafted beer with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

At Angry Horse, we work hard to brew the finest beer possible. We utilize quality ingredients and time tested methods meticulously overseen by our brewers. We pride ourselves on our artisnal approach and strive to only craft distinct, classic flavors.

To obtain the most premium ingredients we purchase and locally source, whenever possible. This means that we can see, smell and taste the ingredients before the yeast begins its magic and turns them into beer. We believe in working with local farmers to build the local supply chain, to help provide jobs, all in the name of quality ingredients.

We’re excited to continue growing the LA beer movement, where some of the best beer, from some of the best breweries in the United States is being produced.

Giving back to the community.

Angry Horse was conceived and founded by a philanthropist and rotarian dedicated to the community and giving back. We aspire to become a benefit corporation dedicated to giving back to our community through philanthropy, community service and support.

Practicing sustainability in all that we do.

It's built into our teams' DNA to take to care for our environment.  We look for opportunities to cut down our waste; cycling our brew water, capturing heat loss and reducing waste. Practicing sustainability is one of our key values.

Our Beer

We are proud to introduce to you a few of our staple beers. Check back soon for more listings.

Hooligan English IPA

Hooligan IPA

A robust troublemaker brewed with only two malts. The english malt brings smooth richness to balance the belligerent hoppiness. This choodessny firegold is great on a sunny, summer day. You may have tasted our award winning English IPA at Macleod or Golden Road during 2015's LA Beer Week.   



Brewed in the west coast style, East LA IPA is an over-hopped California classic. It has dominant aromas reminiscent of California citrus, and a bitter finish. Its flavor is diverse and complex, with slight variations in the hops added to each batch.

Contact Us

write us for everything you want to ask, we will be glad to answer you.

Location and Contacts

626 S. Spring St. Unit 201
Los Angeles CA 90014

Phone: 213.605.5495